Helping spread education and assisting the Denton Public Library system is the auxiliary goal of this committee. We aim to provide multiple service opportunities a month to volunteer for the local Denton Community. It is unfortunate that libraries have been in a steady decline, but it is our goal to help reverse this downward trend. It is our goal to provide help to the libraries in any way, shape, or form that they need, and this can range anywhere from shelving books to running events and more! Volunteers for the libraries must be dedicated and focused to sustain an effective environment that fosters learning and education. Volunteering for a library may not sound like the most exciting thing, but we promise that this experience will be challenging and worthwhile. What are you waiting for? We HOPE to see YOU help the Denton Libraries!

Frequency: At least twice a month

Place: Libraries around Denton

Possible Hours: 1-2 hrs. per event

Facebook Group: HOPE Library Committee 2019-2020

The Committee Heads

Braiden Aaronson

Yashvini Deva

HOPE is where the heart is