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about me:

Hi lovelies!!! I’m Regina, your HOPE Social Coordinator for the 2019-2020 year. I’m originally from Mission Viejo, California but currently live in the Keller-Fort Worth area. Before TAMS, I went to a charter school called International Leadership of Texas-Keller Saginaw High School ((long name I know lol)). When I have time, I enjoy listening to music, watching Buzzfeed Unsolved, and volunteering. I love mystery and odd science podcasts like Ologies or Lore so hmu if you want any recs/have any to share!! Additionally, I’m a HUGE mock trial nerd and will likely ramble about it for hours if given the chance. No matter what you may be interested in though, I’m so so excited to get to know everyone so please don’t be afraid to talk to me either in person or through any of my socials!


As Social Coordinator, I’m responsible for managing all of HOPE’s socials and marketing. I also plan GA’s, create graphics, manage blood drive volunteering, and edit The HOPE Vlog! ((Go follow @the.hope.vlog on insta!!!))  My favorite HOPE memory this past year is either volunteering at the blood drives or cooking for the 2018-2019 execs with my board. HOPEfully, you can all find a committee ((or two…or three…or thirteen...)) that you enjoy in addition to donating or helping at our blood drives!!


"do anything, but let it produce joy"-

Walt Whitman

the socials:

facebook: Regina Nguyen

instagram: @regina.viii

snapchat: @regina_n11


HOPE is where the heart is