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Simran Verma

Hey y’all! My name is Simran Verma and I'll be your HOPE President this year! I previously attended Lebanon Trail HS in Frisco, and have lived in Texas my whole life. Outside of HOPE, I am a soccer co-captain, as well as a committee head for Women in Medicine and Spanish Society. In my free time, I love stargazing, playing soccer, learning random songs on the piano, and drinking boba (fun fact: i used to be a bobarista). Feel free to dm me (insta @simran.vermaaa) if you ever have questions or want to talk, I’m so excited to meet everyone! :)


As President, my job includes acting as the liaison between HOPE and external organizations as well as communicating with TAMS administration. Within the board, I am in charge of calling meetings, preparing agendas, and delegating tasks. Additionally, I am responsible for coordinating activities, such as HOPE Auction and all four of our blood drives!

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