My job as HOPE President is to manage the organization on a larger scale. Internally, that means I plan and call board meetings to make sure the exec board is staying productive (we get off-topic sometimes). Externally, that means I'm responsible for communicating with organizations outside of HOPE from UNT to Carter BloodCare to other TAMS clubs. As a result, I'm also in charge of coordinating events like our blood drives where we have to work with other organizations.

About me

Hey guys! My name is Minnie, and I'm your 2021-2022 HOPE President!! I was born in Korea and moved to Dallas, Texas when I was 5! Since then, I've stayed in Texas, and I went to Prosper High School. Outside of HOPE, I am an executive for the TAMS Judicial Board and also one of the Senior Mentors (go A200<3) when I'm not studying or practicing the piano (I'm on the music track!) you can find me working out at the gym, getting coffee at Starbucks, or watching Netflix in my room;) Some fun facts about me are that I have two dogs (Charles and Zico), love to clean, and enjoy hiking/biking. I'm so excited to meet everyone and work with HOPE! Definitely reach out to me if you wanna just talk, go for a run together, or just hang out! (I'm literally down for anything:))