Jay Patel



My job as HOPE President is to manage the organization on a larger scale. Internally, that means I plan and call board meetings to make, and externally I'm responsible for communicating with organizations outside of HOPE from UNT to Carter BloodCare to other TAMS clubs. As a result, I'm also in charge of coordinating events like our blood drives where we have to work with other organizations.


Hey guys! My name is Jay, and I’ll be your HOPE President this year! I was born in New Jersey and moved to Texas in middle school. Since then, I went to Coppell High School and now on the Traditional science track. Outside of HOPE, I am a committee head for TBO and when I am not studying I love playing sports, listening to new music(send recs), and watching shows. I am excited to meet y’all and feel free to reach out about anything!