the secretary • arinze appio-riley

about me:

Hello HOPE-fuls, I am Arinze Appio-Riley! Born and raised in Aguleri, Nigeria, I am heir to the Igwe throne! I am actually in need of your assistance to transfer my preeminent wealth to the US. In fact, I can give you $2 million as commission, all that you need to send me is your SSN and bank account number! jk pls don’t send that you’ll get me in trouble. In reality, I’m no prince, just your HOPE secretary. My hobbies are playing soccer at the rec, eating too much ramen, playing ultimate, and dancing for VIBE. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you guys this year!


My role as a secretary is to manage van and room requests for the club. I am kind of just the organizer of the club, taking notes, and organizing events on our calendar and stuffs. My favorite memory of my junior year has to be either marathoning High School Musical for 6 hours while making corsages, or performing with VIBE P-Team for Aid The Cause.


the socials:

facebook: Arinze Appio-Riley

instagram: @arinze.appio

snapchat: bossmannaija


HOPE is where the heart is