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Mahith Ravulapati

Hey Hopefuls! My name is Mahith, and I’ll be your HOPE TREASURER for this year! (best position fr) I am on the Traditional Science Track and I previously attended Jasper High School. In addition to HOPE, I will be your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Captain and your South-Indian Society Committee Head. I enjoy any sport (although I might not be good at it), I’m an avid chess enthusiast, I have an assortment of debilitating food allergies, and I love watching new shows (pls give recs). I look forward to making memories with you guys, and don’t be afraid to contact me for anything!


As treasurer, I am in charge of any form of monetary transactions, including purchase requests, budget creation, management of liquid and budget money, and collecting money when it comes to fundraisers and big events like Hoco, Prom, Hope Auction, and Escape Room. Despite this though, I believe the most crucial role I play is preventing HOPE’s money from being laundered through scams, the rest of the board, and other clubs.

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