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HOPE Auction is a two day fundraiser event that occurs in the spring each year! One night is reserved for a dinner and dance, where everyone gets delicious food and a fun dance for the benefit of a charity! The other night, arguably the most memorable at TAMS, is dedicated to the main event, the Auction! Starting in the evening, performances by the TAMS student body go on until late in the night. The attendees bid on their favorite acts to not only show support to their friends and amazing performances but to also donate to the chosen organization of the year! This past year, HOPE Auction 2022 raised money for Sunshine Kids, an amazing organization dedicated to helping young cancer patients. Check out their website here!

H O P E   A U C T I O N  2 0 2 2

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In 2022, 73 TAMSters took to MAC stage to showcase their talents and raise funds for the Sunshine Kids organization. Their acts ranged anywhere from singing to dancing to skits to any unique talent our wonderful community can share!



This multi-day event, voted #1 BEST SOCIAL EVENT at TAMS for EIGHT YEARS in a row, provides entertainment and enjoyment for everyone. Prepare for nights full of awe, laughter, memories, and more!


Through HOPE Auction, HOPE was able to raise over $8000 for Sunshine Kids. Because of this AMAZING event, the TAMS community not only got an unforgettable night, but also helped chip in to funding activities for children with cancer!


H O P E   A U C T I O N  2 0 2 0

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By uniting the TAMS Community, HOPE Auction 2019 was able to raise over $12,000 for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness! With crazy performances from Martial Arts to Singing to VIBE's Amazing PTEAM, HOPE Auction was named the Best Social Event of the Year for the 5th year in a row!

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