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Manan Patel

Hi gang! My name is Manan Patel and I’ll be your HOPE Vice President for this year! I am on the Traditional Science Track and I went to Coppell High School. Aside from HOPE,  I will also be your Judicial Board Executive Officer and Driving Tomorrow, TAMS Psychology Association and Ambassadors Outreach Committee Head. I love music, hanging out with my friends, and watching new shows (including anime). I’m really excited to meet everyone and feel free to message me (insta: @mananp_10) about anything at all!



As Vice President, my job is to oversee all 15 of HOPE’s committees to ensure that they are providing consistent volunteering to the TAMS community. If you ever have an idea for existing or want to create a new committee under HOPE, feel free to reach out to me and we can work together to provide TAMS students with an even better experience. Our committees are incredibly diverse and I wholeheartedly believe that everyone can find a HOPE volunteering opportunity that they truly care about 🙂

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