Hello! As the HOPE Social Coordinator, I'm in charge of blood drive volunteering (aka I manage your signups and hours (pls don't flake so I can be nice and give you your well-deserved hours)) and basically anything graphic or social media related -- in other words, I design and update the website (what you're looking at rn ;) ), manage @the.hope.vlog (go follow us on insta and you'll get some exclusive bts footage of hope exec shenanigans and earn some of my love <3), make GA promotional graphics, design blood drive flyers, etc. Of course, as a HOPE exec, I also help manage events like HOPE auction, blood drive logistics, GA planning, and more with the rest of the board!

About me

Hi!! I'm Stephanie, and I'm your 2021-2022 HOPE Social Coordinator. I hail from Coppell, TX, where I was a part of the marching band (as both a flutist and drum major :)). Outside of HOPE, I'm your Cal 1/Cal 2 Co-Committee Head and one of your senior mentors this year. You can find me chilling with friends, binging survival shows, or making small vlogs on my phone in my free time. Some fun facts about me are that I can type at 120 words per minute, I can eat 20+ pizzas in one sitting, and that I consume a lot of questionable food combos. I'm thrilled to meet all of y'all this year, so feel free to hmu about anything!