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Olivia Wang

Hello!! My name is Olivia, and I’ll be your HOPE SOCO for this year! Before TAMS, I went to Wakeland High School in Frisco. I am also on the Computer Science track (formerly BioMed🙁), and will be one of your TAS CompSci tutors for this year! Outside of HOPE, I also hold positions in SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance) and DT (Driving Tomorrow). I love manga (die-hard Junji Ito fan), fashion, drawing, and getting boba with friends! I’m super excited to meet everyone and feel free to reach out to talk or for anything else! (insta @oliviawaang)


As the Social Coordinator for the 2023-2024 school year, my job encompasses anything from designing marketing materials to website maintenance. (basically anything related to social media :D) However, my favorite part of this job is creating vlogs to document HOPE over the school year! Make sure to follow @thehopevlog on instagram and @hope_afterhours for a sneak peak behind the scenes of the 23-24 board!

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