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about me:

Wassup HOPEsters!! I’m Jeffrey, and I’m your 2019-2020 HOPE Treasurer. I’m from Houston, and I attended Bellaire High School before coming to TAMS. My hobbies include working on a socially beneficial venture named Trustle (formerly Project Lyra), reading the news (politics, tech, cool editorials), and monkeying around playing Smash Ultimate for hours (shoutout to Wolf). You can also catch me blasting music (EDM, rap, or classical your pick) in the community showers or tagging excessively on my ig posts. Additionally, if you play sports, you’ll probably catch me at tennis, basketball, or frisbee. My favorite TV show of all time is Breaking Bad, so if your name is Jesse, I’ll be saying your name in a really weird voice all year (better go watch the show if you haven’t). In addition to being your HOPE Treasurer, I’m also the Student Council President and the FACES Committee Head of KIVA, a microloan program that helps empower entrepreneurs in third world countries, so go check out those activities too.

As Treasurer, I handle all of the financial accounts (square, venmo, bank) and keep track of where all of our money is using Google Sheets (google ecosystem is amazing). You’ll get to know me - or my Venmo- through my role coordinating financials for T-Shirts, Boutonnieres (boo-tuh-neers) and Corsages, and HOPE AUCTION, the biggest and best event of the year where we raise money for charity by displaying the amazing talent at TAMS. My favorite event this year was making boutonnieres and corsages for Prom until 1 am while marathoning the entire High School Musical trilogy (soundtracks are amazing). I’m really excited to meet you in the coming year, and I like to keep it casual so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and roast me for writing such a lame bio when you meet me . #myfaceisnotourpermanentfacebookgroupchatpic

“<insert here> dawwwwwwwwwg.”

the socials:

Facebook: Jeffrey Chen

Instagram: chenn_jeffrey


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