Hello! This is TAMS Elm Fork Education Center Volunteering, a committee of HOPE! Our mission is to implement environmental education programs that encourage responsible environmental decision making for students of all ages. We provide opportunities for TAMS students to help run field trips and homeschool labs. 
Volunteering with us is a very easy way to give back to UNT and to inspire children to be passionate about science. If cute kiddos aren’t enough, we also have oreos :))))


Elm Fork Webpage: https://efec.unt.edu

Frequency: Field Trips every day 9:30 - 2 and Homeschool Labs every Tues/Wed 2-4

Sign Ups: Sunday night at 11pm for Field Trips and 11:10pm for Homeschool Lab

Place: Environmental Education, Science & Technology Building (That building with the giant

    glass wall across from McConnell and the Chem Building)

Possible Hours: A lot!

Facebook Group: TAMS HOPE Elm Fork 2019-2020

The Committee Heads

Lela Lemke

Liu Copeland

HOPE is where the heart is